Extending full screen to other monitors


I was wondering if it is possible to extend full screen to multiple monitors.

For instance when I watch a video in chrome and press full screen it only extends to the monitor the window is in.

I am using 2 plugable usb 3.0 to 4k displayport adapters.

Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for posting!

If understand the details correctly, it sounds like you want to ‘span’ a single desktop across multiple physical displays, similar to what you might see in a ‘video wall’ type of setup (this is sometimes also referred to as ‘collage mode’).

Assuming my understanding is correct, this type of capability is dependent on the abilities of the host operating system. Windows and macOS do not provide this functionality, so spanning or collage mode setups are unfortunately not possible when using our USB video adapters.

Thank you,

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