Extend distance between UD-160-M and server

I read somewhere that the UD-160-M multiseat client has a limit of being 10 meters away from the server if I use a 10-meter USB cable.

I read somewhere else that typical USB devices may only be five meters away from the computer, unless they are extended using a powered hub or if the cable used is an active extension cable.

Is it possible to extend the range of the UD-160-Ms up to 30 meters each using powered hubs or active extension cables? Does it make any difference using Windows Multipoint vs. Fedora?


Why would I need to split the UD-160s across USB controllers?

Are you saying if I want two UD-160s in the same room, but far away from the server, then I need to run two different cables? In other words, I can’t take both off of the powered hub at the end of the 30 meters?

Is 30 meters the farthest away I can get from the server, or is it possible for me to put in powered hubs along the route and then extend the distance even further?

I understand the UD-160-Ms are not meant to be a whole-house solution like Ethernet-based thin clients, but I’m more curious about the limitations of USB. If I put a powerd USB hub along the route, don’t I effective have a repeater to carry the signal further out?


H ijia103,

After taking another look at the reply you posted I took it down because I realize there was a slight error, and I don’t want to cause and confusion.

So – to answer you question about why to split the devices across host controllers-- the answer is bandwidth. Most modern desktops have at least two USB host controllers. Each one has it’s own 480MBps (for USB 2.0) placing half of your client on each one will balance the load and ensure the best possible performance.

The mistake was that I mentioned you would be able to use 3 10 meter cables and a hub. In fact, you’ll only be able to use 2 10 meter cable if there’s also a hub and UD-160s on the end. The reason is that USB is limited to 5 hubs deep. Counting the root hub, the 2 cables, the hub on the end and the built-in hub in the UD-160, you’re at 5. So 3 10 meter cables isn’t possible if there’s another hub inline.

Sorry for the confusion. I hope this helps.


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