Expected refresh rate at 3440x1440


I’d like to know what kind of refresh rate I can expect if I buy the 4K, USB3.0 -> DP adapter if I try and drive an LG 3440x1440 screen?

My (rather uninformed) maths thinks that I should get at least 50Hz, if not 60Hz. I’d appreciate some sort of official confirmation from you guys before I press the button on this (and the monitor too!).

Many thanks,


Hi Pete,

Excellent question - thanks for posting!

When I spoke with DisplayLink previously, they indicated that 3440x1440 would refresh at 30Hz - though at the time they didn’t yet have a monitor of this resolution to test with for confirmation. However we’ve had one customer report that they were able to achieve a 50Hz refresh rate, so there’s some conflicting information here.

I’m going to ping our DisplayLink engineering contact and see if they’ve obtained a display with this resolution to confirm the expected refresh. They’re in the UK and sometimes it can take a couple of days for a response, but I’ll post an update once I hear back from them.



Hi Gary,

Thanks for the response, I really hope that we can find a way to get 50Hz out of the DisplayLink chip. I have an otherwise-fantastic laptop which I don’t want to have to replace yet, and the lure of a huge monitor like the LG is very strong indeed.

I look forward to your update. Thanks again.



Hi Pete,

Good news! It looks like 3440x1440@50Hz should be possible with the adapter.

(The key factor here is the “pixel clock” - the proposed resolution/refresh will require a ~270MHz pixel clock which is below the maximum 300MHz rate supported by the adapter.)

As this resolution becomes a bit more widespread, I’m sure this question will come up again, so I’m going to start updating product pages and amazon listings to clarify things.



Cheers Gary,

Looks like my maths wasn’t too bad then - I did a check that 4096x2160x30 > 3440x1440x50 and hoped I was on the right track!

That’s really good news, I think these wide monitors are going to become more widespread, especially for software developers. It’s going to be great to replace two monitors with a single one that will be able to play widescreen movies too.

Thanks for confirming it - I’ll get my order(s) in.