Ethernet won’t remember an IP address, even after manually adding it

We’ve tried connecting the Surface Pro to the Plugable UD -3000 docking station and the Ethernet settings (IP address) wont save even after manually adding it.

Hi Russ,

Thanks for getting in contact with us, we’d be more than happy to assist you with your Plugable UD-3000 docking station.

In order to figure out what exactly is going on, we’ll need a bit of additional information, specifically about your network and setup.

First, can you please describe your wired network setup. (e.g. Are there any switches or routers? If so, what kind? Are the cables in your setup half-duplex or full-duplex? Any other details?)

Second, could you please provide the logs produced by our tool Plugdebug, you can find it here and then send them to me at

As a note, in general, the operating system is responsible for remembering the IP address, so this problem may be an issue with the network settings in Windows.


Plugable Technologies