Ethernet to OTG

i am having an Enter Usb Lan Adapter E100u with me And i want to use it with my Moto G 2nd Generation.I want to use Ethernet’s Internet connection in my phone via OTG cable.
Please guide me.Is it possible or not? is it require Rooting ?

Hi Jay,

Thank you for posting the question here!

I am not sure if you have Plugable Ethernet adapter or not. We don’t have any E100u model. If it’s not ours, we cannot say anything about if it’s compatible with your phone or not.

If you have a Plugable USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet adapter (USB2-E100), we have tested that configuration by using our USB 2.0 OTG cable:…

USB2-E100 and the USB2-OTGS cable worked fine with the Moto G 2nd gen phone. (If you have already has a working OTG cable, it should work fine, too. You don’t need to use Plugable OTG cable.)

Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at

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