Ethernet port stopped working after first reboot

Ethernet port on UD-ULTC4K stopped working after the first time I power-cycled (unplugged, waited 30 sec, plugged back in) the dock. No lights on the Ethernet port. Windows does not see it. Router does not see it. Tried four different Ethernet cables. Ethernet port was working fine when I first connected and powered on the dock.

I just upgraded to a UD-ULTC4K from an older Plugable UCB-C dock that I had for about a year. Never had any problems with it. Ethernet port on it works when I reconnect it (lights on port, windows & router recognize, connects to Internet).


Sorry to hear about this issue. That’s quite odd! I’d be more than happy to assist you.

I’d suggest that we proactively reload the latest version of the DisplayLink drivers which control the two DP video outputs, audio, and the Ethernet. Here’s how:

  1. Disconnect the dock from the system and please remove the power cable from the dock so it turns off completely. Please keep it disconnected until the last step.

  2. Uninstall any and all software with ‘DisplayLink’ in the title that is present from within the Control Panel → Programs and Features. Don’t worry if these entries are not present or if the process does not work, just move onto the next step.

  3. Download, extract and run the DisplayLink cleaner tool, found here → and ensure it displays “Cleaning Complete”
    when done (video walk-through if you need it →

  4. Once the Cleaner has been run, reboot (even if not prompted to)

  5. Now download and install the 9.3 M2 DisplayLink software, found here →

  6. Reattach the power cable to the dock first. Once the dock is powered on, reconnect it to your system which will trigger the final portion of the installation. If the device is not detected, please reboot the system.

If that doesn’t help, let me know, we may need to collect some diagnostics to see what’s going on.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry

Senior Engineer | Product Owner
Plugable Technologies


Be happy to follow your instructions but have concerns about downloading executables without a hash signature to confirm the file has not been tampered with. Do you have a MD5 or SHA hash for the downloads you recommend?

Unfortunately I do not have the hash data since these are not files that we are have written ourselves. These files are developed and provided by DisplayLink for any DisplayLink USB Graphics based product (like our UD-ULTC4K dock). We recommend these files to all of our customers like yourself who are either first setting up their dock in Windows, or who are needing to perform a full clean install for troubleshooting purposes, etc.

You could contact DisplayLink if you have concerns about their driver files and the authenticity of the downloads, however, I have never heard of one of these downloads having been tampered with.

Best wishes,

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