Ethernet fails after running about 24 hours

I’ve been using the TBT3-UDV with my Dell XPS and Windows 7 (at first) and now Windows 10 for about 3 years. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that the Ethernet port just stops responding, usually within 24 hours of its last use. Steps I’ve taken to isolate the issue to the dock:

  1. Swapped cables; also used Ethernet tester to test cable continuity.
  2. Removed 1 switch from the process.
  3. Changed ports on the Ethernet switch that runs my network.
  4. Verified cable continuity in wall with Ethernet tester
  5. Disable/enable Ethernet device from CPanel

The only thing that brings Ethernet back is rebooting, but rebooting DAILY for a hardware issue is not acceptable. If any of the items I tested above were the problem (except for disable/enable) then reboots would not solve the problem.

Do I need to fork out another $270 for a new dock to solve this (I HOPE NOT!)??

Could this have something to do with your DHCP lease? Meaning when your IP changes from your ISP, maybe the port isn’t picking up the new IP address?

Does an IP release/renew bring it back?

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