Ethernet connection through VoIP phone not working.

I am using a surface Pro 3, running Windows 10. I have connected vie ethernet on other networks, Attempting to connect through my VoIP phone, Polycom 335 via the 100 Mb network connection. The PC shows not connected, and the link light on the Docking station is not lit, The phone reports the ethernet port as active.

Hi Kelly,

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I am not very sure if I could understand your requirements clear, but are you trying to connect the docking station to the network through the Polycom 335?

If that the case, I don’t think that kind of configuration is supported by our dock. The Ethernet port of the dock needs to be assigned the IP address from the DHCP server or the router, but I don’t think the Polycom phone can do that unless noted as that can support that functionality.

Sorry about this but hope this help!

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I am not sure that you understand the network capabilities. The Polycom 335 is a VoIP phone with an internal network hub, with DHCP passthrough enabled. We use this configuration with several other PC’s, The only difference is the Docking Station. Please let me know if you have a suggestion.

Thank you for the clarifications.

>>We use this configuration with several other PC’s, The only difference is the Docking Station.

Does that means other PC’s also using the same types of docking station? Or other PC’s are using the Ethernet port of the PC, without using any docking station?
In other words, are you thinking that is the issues of a particular docking station you have?

When that Ethernet problem started happening? Has the docking station worked before with the same setups, but stopped working after upgrading to Windows 10? Or is this the first time you tried that kind of setup?

If it started happening recently, uninstall/clean-up the DisplayLink device driver from the system then re-install the latest one would be able to resolve the issue. If that the case please let me know so that I’d write the detail steps here.

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Other Pc,s are connected through the Polycom 335, without needing a docking station. This configuration with the docking station has not worked, so I will un-install and re-install the drivers set.

Thank You

Thank you for the informaiton.

If the docking station hasn’t worked before with that configration, please try to directly connect the Ethenret cable to the dock (without using Polycon 335) as a test, to see if the Ethernet port of the docking station works or not.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact to our support team at so that we can help.

Thanks again for posting the question here!

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My is Tracy, I purchased the UD-3900, #158275 ticket, The Ethernet connection on the Plugable is not working, no lights, nothing. Can you Help ?


I think you’ve been helped by our Technical Support team David already. He would be contacting to you shortly. Thank you for opening a ticket!

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