Ethernet Connection Still Drops

Hello I still have issues with the ethernet connection dropping every day. I followed the link to the realtek driver listed in other posts. I’ve installed the latest driver and the system works great for the whole day, but when I shut the system down and then boot again the next day the ethernet connection no longer works. I will then reinstall the driver and then things will work again for that day.

I’m running Windows 11. I’m using the latest Realtek USB 11.13.0420.2023_20_05152023_05182023 driver.


Welcome to the Plugable forums! I’d like to further investigate these issues with the dropping ethernet connection with our adapter. There are a few things that come to mind when it comes to troubleshooting and if we can lets try running our troubleshooting software Plugdebug.

At your convenience, could you please collect a set of diagnostic logs generated by our PlugDebug utility? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help my investigation. It would be best to email our support directly rather than replying on the forums.

To collect these logs, please have the ethernet adapter plugged into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

The tool will collect system logs into a ZIP file and save them to your Desktop so they can be attached to your email reply. **With these log files please contact us directly via email, and reference ticket #407727. **

I hope to hear back from you soon!


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Plugable Support

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