Ethernet connection issue

I recently changed my wifi router to a nighthawk 1900 and have my docking station connected to it via a Ethernet cable. I can not access the internet via this set up. The app and the laptop both show they are connected but pages won’t load. Any ideas?

Thanks for reaching out!

Was the network connection through the dock functioning in this same configuration before the new router was added to the environment?

Yes it worked fine before

If that’s the case, the issue is likely router configuration. So I have a complete understanding, can you check these details for me?

  • What model is your router? There are no exact matches to “nighthawk 1900” that I could find.
  • Are you able to connect wirelessly to the router and get internet access?
  • Have you been able to check the router configuration pages to see if your dock-attached machine is present on the network?

Netgear Nighthawk 1900 model 6900v2. When I look at the app for the router I see the laptop connected via a Ethernet connection. Yes I can connect via WiFi.


Thanks for checking on that!

I’d like to grab logs from your machine for analysis. Can you run our log gathering tool, Plugdebug, and send the resulting zip archive to me? Here’s how:

I’ll open a ticket for this case and follow up directly via email so you can send that.

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