Ethernet and Audio Jack Not Working Out of the Box

I got this dock a few days ago, just finished setting it up, and the audio and ethernet ports are not working. I use studio monitors and when I plug them into my laptop I get sound just fine, when I plug them into the dock my laptop is not getting the input.

The ethernet port itself seems to be working but it is not recognized by my laptop. I have confirmed the cable is working by plugging it in to a separate laptop that has an ethernet port which has no issue.

I have a Dell XPS 7590

Crazy enough I fixed it, if anyone is experiencing the same problem you may have a thunderbolt control center that can allow or disallow connections. That was my problem, it was set to “Do Not Connect”, changing it to connect made everything work perfectly


Thank you for letting us know you were able to find a solution. We do see this kind of issue with the Thunderbolt authentication process from time to time in the Thunderbolt software, though it is usually rare to see “Do Not Connect” as the default setting.

If you ever need any further assistance don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you and best wishes,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

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