ethernet adaptor for android

I have a Galaxy Note Pro SM-P901, 12.2 inches
Which ethernet adaptor should I buy for my tablet ?

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Unfortunately, I’m sorry but I’m not positive that any of our USB to Ethernet adapters work with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro SM-P901 tablet. Please let me explain the reason.

Android basically doesn’t allow users to install any device driver. Hence if you wanted to connect any external devices (such as an Ethernet adapter) to your tablet and make it work, the necessary device driver has to be built-in (pre-installed) into the system *when the tablet was shipped from the manufacturer". (This is one of the big differences between Android and Windows/Mac OS X. Those PC operating systems allow users to install any compatible device drivers whenever we needed.)

In other words, if an external device worked with the Android system, the Android has built-in the device driver for that particular external device. When that the case the external device will start working right after it’s plugged in.

This is why some Android tablets support an USB to Ethernet adapter but some others don’t.
Bad thing is, that kind of information won’t be listed in any documents of most of all the Android tablets/phones. Only way to figure it out is, actually testing it.

Plugable sells 5 different types of USB to Ethernet adapters which are using either ASIX AX88772, AX88178, 88179 USB to Ethernet chip set.
So far we haven’t tested the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro SM-P901 tablet nor heard back from our customers, but as far as we know, most of Samsung Android devices don’t support any of our USB to Ethernet adapters, which means we don’t think they have any device drivers pre-installed for those chip set.

Sorry about this bad news but hope this helps! Please contact us at if you needed any further information.

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