Esxi 4.1 Windows 7 host.


I took an interest in your product so I decided to give it a go. I have one question, sure I wanted to be a little experimental and tried to use a DC-125 via a Win7 VMware 4.1 server sadly without much success. Please let me know if you have any plans to release a new software drive that would allow the DC-125 to run from a Vmware environment.

I the moved on to a DELL OPTIPLEX 9010. Downloaded the latest driver. Sadly this also failed to work.

Please could you advise.


Hi Luca,

Thanks for posting your question here. We’ll be happy to help. There are some difficulties running the DisplayLink drivers for the graphics chip in the DC-125 in VMware. The DisplayLink drivers require an nVidia, ATI or Intel WDDM capable driver to work with. You should be able to use the USB ports and the audio but the display is most likely not going to work.

However, your DC-125 should work on the Dell Optiplex 9010. To get started troubleshooting this one, first make sure that the USB ports on the DC-125 are working by connecting a simple USB device like a wired mouse or keyboard.

If they work, you should be able to get the DisplayLink drivers installed. Let me know some more details about the Dell like the operating system it’s running, and detail about what’s happening and we’ll be able to figure out the best next steps to get your DC-125 up and running.