ESC key trouble

I’m trying to use this keyboard with a Samsung S9 and DroidVim app, which requires use of the ESC key to toggle between command and insert modes. When I tap the key, however, it toggles the on screen keyboard on & off instead.

Is there a way to make this work properly?

Hi Roger,

Thank you for posting. I’m sorry about the troubles with your keyboard.

I downloaded DroidVim onto my Google Pixel 2 and when using the Plugable BT-KEY3XL, the Esc key appears to be working properly for switching in and out of command mode.

I suspect that in your Samsung S9, the Esc key has been set as a keyboard shortcut for switching input methods. You should be able to change this.

Samsung’s Android interface is different than stock Android devices like my Pixel, and unfortunately, since we don’t have one here to test with, I can’t tell you exactly how to change this setting. But you should be able to go into Settings, select the Language or Input settings, select external keyboard, and then turn off any shortcuts for changing the input method.

I hope this helps.

David Roberts
Plugable Technologies

I think the S9 recognizes the key as the back button, also mapped to meta-bksp in the software. They seem to do the same thing. I can’t figure out how to get the phone to see the key as ESC in DroidVim.

I found an answer. I configured DroidVim preferences to treat the back button as ESC and that worked.

Hi Roger,

I’m glad you found the answer! Thank you for posting it here.

Plugable Support

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