Error Code Explanation

I was transferring files from an old laptop to a new one and received some errors. Could I get an explanation of what the following error codes mean?

  1. The request could not be performed because of an I/O error.
    That was my most common error.

  2. The semephore timeout period has expired.
    There were less than 5 of these errors.

  3. The operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted program.
    I only had one of these, and it seems self-explanatory (it’s not a virus, though).

Any advice on how I can transfer these is much appreciated.

Hello Christopher,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. I’m sorry for the trouble and I’d be glad to help you. Have you installed the latest version of Easy Computer Sync? I would suggest to download and install the latest version of the software from this link:

This latest software improves compatibility so I would strongly suggest to install it on both computes, and give both computers a restart. Then, try the connection again after restarting. If that doesn’t get things going here’s some things I’d suggest:

  • Try plugging the cable into different USB ports on both computers to see if that allows the connection to go through, and let’s swap the cable ends around as well. This is a pretty basic first step, but it can really make the difference and hopefully get you going.

Another important thing to try, is to run the program as an administrator. You can do this by right clicking the application, and choose, “run as administrator” (The transfer program grants direct access to files, so Windows User Account control may flag it, and keep it from running.)

But, to answer your questions directly, here’s what these messages sound like:

  1. Physical cable connection or driver issue is what this sounds like
  2. This sounds like a transmission time out likely due to a physical or driver issue
  3. The software directly accesses windows files. If you have antivirus or security software, it may flag these access attempts all though the result is a false positive.

I hope this helps you!

Thank you,

Plugable Support

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