(Error code : 10) "ethernet adapter"


i have a problem with a adapter ethernet did not work with a (error code : 10)

i already try with the driver of the official website. but that didin’t work and it tips me (error code : 10)

the name of the adapter ethernet : “ASIX AX8877A USB2.0 to fast ethernet adapter”

and I m in windows 10.

thanks for help.


Welcome to the Plugable forums! I am sorry to hear that the ethernet adapter is not working as expected. To better assist here with this driver issue with the ethernet adapter its best to reach out to us here https://plugable.com/pages/support

I would like to get some further details, such as diagnostic inform and order details so I can further investigate these issues.

In your email to our support site please reference ticket #382534 in your initial email. I hope to hear from you soon.


Product Owner
Plugable Support

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