Erratic movement / connection to bluetooth Logitech mouse (m505)

I have recently connected my UD-3000 to a Dell XPS 13. Overall it works great, especially compared to the Targus docking station it replaced. The main challenge I have is that the bluetooth Logitech m505 mouse I am using works erratically when the bluetooth plugged tranceiver is connected to any port. Obviously I could plug the tranceiver into my PC directly but would prefer it to be connected to the UD-3000. Any fixes for this?

Also is there any way to get Windows 7 to boot up with the UD-3000 connected upon power up. It seems that the Dell XPS will not get past the black screen with the UD-3000 plugged in. Once Windows is up, the UD-3000 can be plugged and works fine.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for getting in contact with us. I’d be happy to answer your question regarding the performance of your Bluetooth mouse and our UD-3000.

There are two possible causes for the performance issues, one is due to a known issue with DisplayLink products and the Dell XPS 13. Essentially, try connecting the UD-3000 via a different USB port. For a more details take a look at the following links:……

If you are still having performance problems, then you are likely experiencing a limitation of USB 3.0 and wireless signals, specifically USB 3.0 causes interference with signals like that of Bluetooth. For a more detailed explanation, please take a look at the following article:…

The solution is simply to move the USB Bluetooth dongle away from the USB 3.0.


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I bought a bluetooth mouse last night to solve the issue since the XPS has integrated bluetooth. The m505 (as you probably know) is not bluetooth so the receiver has to be plugged into a USB port. Sometimes it’s easier to out-flank a technical issue rather than getting bogged down in fixing it!