Erratic mouse behavior

UD-160-A USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station new Win7/64 installation with updated drivers mouse clicks multiple times erratically. Unable to single click.

Thanks for posting. Sorry you’re seeing a problem of some kind here!

For mouse movement, there’s any only Microsoft software talking to the devices the whole way down - there are no 3rd party drivers involved.

So let’s try a few things to figure out what the source of the problem might be.

If you unplug the mouse and then plug directly into your laptop, do you see the same problem?
And then if you plug the mouse back into the dock, is the problem gone or does it return?

There’s something unusual happening here – but we’ll get it figured out. Thanks for letting us know on those quick unplug/replug tests.

Thanks for your patience!

Same behavior with mouse plugged directly into laptop, which is a Sony VPC-EA2JX. Rebooted no difference.

Windows did install Intellipoint driver 8.

Hi Ross,

We suspect it’s something related to Microsoft’s Intellipoint drivers for the mouse, rather than the docking station itself (especially when the mouse is plugged into the PC, there’s no way for the dock to cause the behavior you’re seeing).

Here is Microsoft’s troubleshooting steps for the problem you’re seeing:

Do any of these steps help?


While this steps did not appear to have anything to do with the problem, after disconnecting the Dock, rebooting machine, then plugging Dock unit back in with mouse, kb, monitor lugged into the PC directly, its working! Then moving mouse, KB, monitor, audio to the unit, it kept working. Rebooted, everything still works and even the Intel Display Application manages the Display. So this ticket can be closed, with satisfaction.:slight_smile:

Problem Solved

Glad you’ve got everything running well! Let us know if any other questions come up - we’re here to help.

Thank you!