Electrical issues with UD-CA1

Firstly may I say I am a huge fan of your products. However I am in hot water with my wife due to a burning smell which became noticeable in my home office a few days ago. I was unable to accurately pinpoint the source and then earlier this evening, I heard a loud bang from upstairs (where my office is located) and the electricals in part of the house short circuited.
When I flipped the fuse switch, my wife - who I asked to stand in the office to monitor - saw the UD-CA1 spark up with another bang and was as such identified by her as the culprit, releasing a torrent of commentary about how too many cables were attached to it.
I am not sure what has gone wrong as the device has served me well until now. I am now left without a hub and unable to drive my external monitor / MacBook 2015 and printer / other peripherals and too fearful to plug it into the mains again. Can you please advise. Thank you.
Best regards.


Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry to hear this has failed.

Please unplug the docking station and power supply from both the wall socket and computer.

I recommend contacting our support team directly via email for the fastest response and to protect private information. Please send us an email at ‘support@plugable.com’ with the subject line ‘Ticket #346354 - Attention Pat’ and I will be sure to reply back as soon as possible. In the body of this email please include the serial number from the bottom of the docking station, as well as the Amazon Order ID ( available from Amazon.com/orders ) for the original purchase of this docking station, we will use this to check the warranty status of the docking station.

Thank you for sending us an email, I await your reply and we can go from here.

Plugable Technology

Hi Pat,

Many thanks for this update - I’ve emailed the support team as suggested.

Best regards.

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