ECARD-USB3 Rev:A-2.0 - OSX drivers?

Checkin on the availability now or in the future of OSX drivers for the ECAD-USB3? Thanks in advance, have some of your other cards that work like a charm. This is the last one I need drivers for.


Thanks for asking ahead about upgrading Macs with ExpressCard slots to USB 3.0 support.

We use the Renesas (formerly NEC) chipset on our Renesas has been the market leading chipset on Windows, using the driver from Renesas. And it will be supported out of the box on Windows 8 with Microsoft’s own driver.

But on Mac, Renesas does not have a driver (and none is expected), and up until the announcements last week, there was no Apple driver.

Unfortunately, the new Apple USB 3.0 software support is only designed for the new Apple systems, with an Intel USB 3.0 chipset. There’s no support out of the box for non-Intel solutions, thus nothing for the case of upgrading older machines.

It may be that Apple will enable this support in the future (as these drivers and hardware are all using the XHCI standard), but it appears to be not yet …

Hope that background helps! Sorry we don’t have better news.

Thanks, I have a pc laptop I can use it on so not a complete loss. Thanks for the quick response, great customer support!