Easy transfer not so easy for me!

I am trying to download programs off my windows xp pc to a new windows 7pc. Followed all instructions with the easy transfer cable that I had to order and have not been able to get my windows 7 pc to recognize my windows xp. Been 2 weeks and same stuff. Anybody have any instructions for a guy thats not a pc geek! The disc that came with the easy transfer cable is a Vista USB link adapter. Much Thanks for any help, Frank

Hi Frank,

Thanks for posting, sorry for the frustration. We’ll be able to help.

To get some background on how Windows Easy Transfers works, it’s worth taking the time to watch this video first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7-GyR…

Then, to get going on your own setup, can you try these 3 steps:

  1. On the Windows XP machine, go to

It will redirect you to the Microsoft site to get the latest XP drivers. Download and install this package (the Windows XP 32-bit package) on the XP machine. The WIndows 7 machine doesn’t need to do this, because it already has the latest drivers built-in.

  1. Now plug in the cable on both sides. Make sure Microsoft’s “Windows Easy Transfer” starts, not Bravura’s “Easy Computer Sync” (if you have that installed). You can see which one is running by the title bar. Make sure it’s:


  1. Now click through the Microsoft Wizard on the XP machine and Windows 7 machine until they connect.

Can you try those 3 steps, and let us know where things go off track?

Thanks for your patience!