Easiest/safest way to to remove 2.5" SSD from "lay-flat" drive dock?

I was wondering if there’s an “easy” way to remove a 2.5" SSD from the lay-flat dock? The SSD doesn’t have anywhere to “grab”, so it’s tough to get it out without “lifting” the SSD up a bit, but then I’m concerned about damaging the SATA connector when I do that.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for posting! As long as you carefully lift the end of the drive just enough to get a grip, there’s no danger of damaging the connector. You can also press down on the drive or against the side of the drive and slide the drive out.

In our testing we installed and removed small 2.5" drives repeatedly without damaging the drives.

Thanks for asking this important question about protecting the drives during removal. Let us know if you are having any troubles getting the drives out, we’ll be happy to work with you to seek another solution.


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Thanks for getting back. I tried the “pressing down on the drive” method, and it worked ok with one SSD (M4), but not with another (a Kingston SSDNOW V300), because the latter has the entire upper surface covered with a plastic label that’s quite slippery. I’m trying to find some really sticky tape to attach to that, that I can use as a tab so I can grab it (tried some duct tape, but it just slipped off :(!).

Actually, I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m more concerned about the connector in the dock itself, because if I lift it, I’m imagining that bending the dock’s connector upward.

I’ll have to figure out something a little less risky (both for the drive and the dock) :(!!