Early 2015 MacBook pro won't connect


I purchased the Plugable USB-C docking station thinking it was compatible with my 2015 Mac Book Pro. I do not have a port to match the included wire for hookup. Is there something else that I need to purchase to get this to work? Or should I just return the system?


Hello Ashley,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support! Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be more than happy to assist you.

Unfortunately your computer is not compatible as it only has Thunderbolt 2 and USB-A. Our dock requires USB-C or Thunderbolt 3. It would be best to return the dock for a refund. If you need, I can provide you with a prepaid return shipping label, just contact me directly at support@plugable.com

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies