Early 2015, 13 inch, Retina Macbook Pro - Triple Display Docking Station

Hello, I purchased the Plugable USB-D Triple Display Docking station and connected it to my Early 2015 13inch Retina MacBook Pro. I am using an adapter to connect the Docking Station to my USB 3.0 port in the MacBook Pro. I can get one external monitor to work; however the other two external displays don’t work. Is there something I can do to get it to work? Or, is this Docking Station not compatible with my MacBook Pro?


Thanks for contacting us!

Unfortunately our docking station cannot operate properly with an adapter via a USB 3.0 port, so it is not compatible with your system.

If you need assistance in returning the dock for a full refund please let me know and I can try to assist you.

Sorry for the bad news!
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Hello Joshua,

Thanks for your reply to my post. That is unfortunate. I purchased the Plugable Triple Display Docking Station through Amazon. Is there anything you need to do in order to help facilitate the return of the product? Or should I simply contact Amazon?

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