DVI does not work without vga adaptor

I plug my AOC screen in to my UD3900 docking station using a VGA lead and the DVI/D-SUB adaptor included with the UD3900 and the monitor works just fine - If I use a straight forward DVI cable then my screen says ‘no signal’ - I have tested the DVI port on my screen with other PC’s with no issue. I have the latest (7.5) drivers and am running Windows 8.1 pro on a Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop (3200x1800 resolution - I tried running at 1920 x1200 with no luck) - anybody else had issues with the DVI port not sending DVI signals

Chris, thanks for contacting Plugable!

To others who may find this topic useful (as we were able to resolve the issue via email): The solution was that the monitor needed to be set to it’s native resolution, which was 1920x1080. When the resolution was set higher than that (such as the 1900x1200 resolution mentioned above), a “no signal” message was given by the monitor.