Duplicating screens

I made a large purchase of 6 USB 3.0 HDMI Adaptors. To start I am using 3 external monitors each hooked to one of your adaptors. I have the following issues:

  1. Two of the 3 monitors are duplicated. On the display settings they appear as 2/3
  2. The surface pro is showing as the same screen size as the monitors on the display setting unlike on your video where the screen sizes are displayed and large and small on the display settings. I wonder if I am doing something wrong?
  3. I do not want to see the surface pro screen as just want to use the monitors and make one of them my main monitor? How do I do that?
  4. Later I wish to connect further 3 monitors in a 3 over 3 display and wonder how I would be able to set them properly on windows display setting so the cursor navigates properly. Can I stack them on the display settings exactly as they are actually set i.e. 3 over 3?
  5. To mention I am also using a USB hub to allow to to use your multiple devices.
    Having made a large purchase after watching your videos I expected it to work and if it doesn’t it will be useless for me.
    Your prompt response would be appreciated.

Hi Ijaz, thanks for posting and I will be happy to help! I will number my responses below so they coincide with your above list:

  1. Would you be able to see if the duplicated monitors can be set to Extended by selecting the box the reads 2|3 and then selecting ‘Extend monitors 2 and 3’ from the Multiple displays dropdown menu within the Windows Display Settings?

  2. Would you be able to attach a screenshot of your Display Settings window displaying this as well as let us know the resolutions that are being set?

  3. When all of the screens are connected you may be able to change this by selecting the box within Windows Display Settings that represents your internal Surface Display and select ‘Disconnect this display’ from the Multiple display dropdown menu.

  4. The spatial orientation of the windows is controlled within the Windows Display Settings application, as well. We have published a short YouTube video here --> https://youtu.be/kajujwoPsT8 that speaks to arranging the spatial orientation of the windows within the Display Settings application

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies