Dual montior problem

I had an open thread with you already on this topic, but you closed it out. The problem persists after all of your previous suggestions.

I am using the two LG 27UD58 monitors with two Displayport cables. When I wake my MacBook Pro (2019) out of sleep mode, often only one monitor is recognized and comes back on. I will have to unplug the USB-C cable from the MacBook, and then plug it back in, to get the second monitor to be recognized and turn back on. Any help you can offer so that I might better understand what is occurring is appreciated.

Thank you.


Sorry to hear you’re still having issues. Please note that topics on this forum will automatically close after 20-days:

I will reach out to you again via our direct email conversation that we had started about the diagnostics.


After having finally been able to take a moment to switch the cable’s, the issue finally started to occur again. It appears that the issue follows the cable. Now the other monitor is the one that does not always turn on when I awake my MacBook Pro. I presume your suggestion will be to switch the cable. Is there a cable in particular that you recommend?

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Thanks for taking the time to test the cables!

Since the issue seems to stay with the cable, to try a replacement, we recommend to use a DisplayPort cable rated for DisplayPort 1.2. In our office we’re using several different brands with success, but the Cable Matters series of cables tends to offer good compatibility at a great price. If I were to recommend a model, it would probably be this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005H3Q59U

I recommend to use the shortest cable that will meet your needs, but typically 6 to 10 feet in length should work well.

Thank you!

I finally was able to replace the cables with those that you suggested to see if it would help address the issue. Unfortunately, it has not fixed this issue. The same monitor/port continues to fail to be recognized and turn on when bringing the computer out of sleep mode. Please let me know what you recommend from this point.

Thank you.

I’m sorry to hear it still hasn’t helped. Very strange given the testing results, I would have expected the cable to resolve this behavior.

At this point we may need to consider trying a replacement dock and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, we may also need to consider a return for a full refund.

We should still have a direct email thread from when you contacted us at support@plugable.com directly, can you email us once more with the following information so I can begin the process to send a pretested replacement ?:

  1. Amazon Order ID # or other proof of purchase
  2. Serial # off the bottom of the dock
  3. Best shipping address


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