Dual monitors not working correctly, blinking out, then no signal

I have had this docking station since Dec 2023 and I have had continued issues with my dual screen set up. Both connected screens will eventually start blinking and then result in a no signal. I have cleaned out and updated the displaylink drivers 10+ times now per pluggable instructions, and even made sure my laptop is running tip top with no improvements. I have tried using both HDMI and Display port connections and same things happen.

I have lost trust in this docking station. Please assist.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for posting! I am sorry things are working working as expected while using your Plugable docking station, and I would be happy to assist you.

A quick note, you have made your post within the section of our forum dedicated to the TBT3-UDZ docking station, so I will assume that is the model you are using.

With that said, based on your description of the behavior, our next step is to get some additional information.

Can you please send an email to our direct support email address → support@plugable.com with ‘For ticket #- 435035’ in the subject line that contains the following information?:

  1. The Amazon Order ID number for your TBT3-UDZ purchase

  2. While the TBT3-UDZ is connected to your computer (even if not working as expected), the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug → https://plugable.com/pages/plugdebug

That information will help us to determine the next steps.

*** Please do not post the information we requested above here in our public forum (it contains personally identifiable information) ***

Apologies for the frustration, and thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to provide a general update in order to help close the loop on this issue.

In brief, Ryan contacted us directly as we requested. Ultimately the unexpected behavior Ryan was experiencing was resolved by applying the firmware update available here → https://kb.plugable.com/question/1475318

With that said, each support case is unique. Should any others following this thread encounter unexpected behavior, we would ask that you please reach out to us directly via support@plugable.com so that we may assist.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies