Dual monitor with UGA-2K-A adapter on Ubuntu 11.10

I am trying to use the Plugable UGA-2K-A adapter to run 2 external displays from my Sony Vaio Laptop with a NVIDIA graphics card running Ubuntu 11.10. I can see the green screen when I plug in the adapter, but dont know how to proceed from here. any suggestions?

Hi Monish,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately in Linux, it’s quite difficult to configure extending a desktop across two different graphics controllers (Linux doesn’t have the plumbing to make this plug and play as in Windows XP/7). In short, we would recommend against it.


With some combinations of graphics controllers and xorg/kernel versions and some relatively complex configuration in xorg.conf with Xinerama spanning the PCI and USB graphics controllers, it’s possible to get to workable setups. But there are usually significant limitations.

Two of the better recent threads on this are:

Things are completely different if you just want a single display running on USB (e.g. enabling X on an embedded device with USB graphics). We have instructions for that here:

Sorry we don’t have better news for multi-adapter extended desktops on Linux. Let us know if we can answer any specific questions though.

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I was wondering if since the latest post there was any update on this issue. Either a newer product is available to circumvent the issue or does the UGA-2X-A work with more recent versions of Ubuntu ?


Yes there is a lot of demand for adapter USB to VGA. Google it. Some company is loosing lots of money by not solving this problem.

seems now to work with fedora 18, but does someone having some news for debian/ubuntu ?