Dual monitor connection to Apple Macbook pro 15"

I have just switched from Dell to Apple and now have a MacBook pro 15" non retina model, however I cannot find a way of connecting up to the dual 24" dell monitor set up I have on my desk. The MacBook is brand new running OS 10.8.4 Mountain lion, with USB3 and thunderbolt connectors, can you help please with what I would need to make this a tidy solution. I can see where I can hitch up one with the miniport to DVI connector supplied but this is not ideal as I need 2 monitors in my work.

Hi Michael-

Thanks for posting with your question!

I’d recommend one of our UD-3000 units, plus a 2nd UGA-3000. This would offer a single-cable connection to your macbook, and let you connect ethernet and other USB peripherals as well when you get back to the desk. For what it’s worth this is the setup I use with my Mac Air:
Single USB 3.0 connection from the laptop to the:
And then the 2nd display adapter connected to the UD-3000:

Alternatively, you could just get a USB 3 hub and get a couple of the UGA-3000’s but then you’re still plugging in ethernet separately unless you get an ethernet adapter to connect to the hub as well.

Hope this helps, but let me know of any other questions.

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Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies