Dual Head MultiDisplay Not working with Driver Ver7.6M2

Dual Head MultiDisplay Not working with Driver Ver7.6M2

Mostly an FYI.
Using a USB2.0 laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-BX660P) running XP. Initially installed the 7.6M1 version and all but the startbar displayed fine on the #2 monitor when used as primary monitor.
Installed 7.6M2 and the unit was not recognized and system wanted to keep restarting (more than 3 times) to finish the driver install. Removed M2 driver and reinstalled M1.
Now works just fine.

Originally purchased for another laptop, but the DVI circuitry went out on the docking station … decided to try the Dual-Head device and was very pleasantly impressed.
Keep up the good work

Hi Joel,

Glad to hear things are working well!

Really odd behavior regarding the install loop you were experiencing with M2. Feel free to email support@plugable.com if you’d like us to help dig in and investigate to see if we can get M2 working properly.

(Though M1 was a solid driver set, and given how twitchy XP can be, it very well might make sense to take a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.)