Dual display problems with 8th gen Intel NUC

I just recieved my TBT3-DP2X in the mail today (dual DP to thunderbolt3 adapter)
This is plugged into an 8th generation Intel NUC ( nuc8i5bek )
I am trying to get 3 monitors working. I have one monitor plugged into the NUC’s native HDMI port & I have the other 2 monitors plugged into the TBT3-DP2X via the NUC’s ThunderBolt 3 port. I am using 2 ACTIVE DP 2.1 to DVI cables. I can get one additional DP monitor recognized in Windows but not both. I have grabbed the latest TB driver from Intel, and my windows updates are all up to date. I know both ports work, as when I was updating the drivers, the one monitor turned off and the other came up.

Any ideas?


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For the benefit of anyone else following this thread, the issue Rick encountered is a result of his specific model Intel NUC only supporting one display via its Thunderbolt 3 port when using a Thunderbolt 3 device like our TBT3-DP2X adapter. For those interested in more detail, the salient portion of my direct reply to Rick is below:

"System manufacturers have discretion when designing their systems as to how many DisplayPort video lanes are routed to each Thunderbolt 3 port. If there are two DisplayPort lanes routed to the port, then two displays are possible via a Thunderbolt 3 device. If only one DisplayPort lane is routed to the port, then only one display is possible via a Thunderbolt 3 device.

Some manufacturers such as Apple and Dell support two displays via Thunderbolt 3, while implementation from other manufacturers varies. In this specific case, Intel has elected to route only one DisplayPort lane to the NUCs Thunderbolt 3 port. This can be seen in the block diagram they provide on electronic page 18 of the Technical Product Specifications for your model (https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/mini-pcs/NUC8i3BE_NUC8i5BE_NUC8i7BE_TechProdSpec.pdf). "

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