Drivers on DVD, do I need them?

I just set up my UD-3900 and it seems to be working as advertised. I’m wondering if I need anything off of the DVD that came with the product or have all necessary drivers been downloaded automatically from Plugable servers during installation. Thanks.

When I reread the installation instructions, I’m thinking “do not connect network cable” means Internet. I was thinking this referred to a LAN cable. I guess I do have to use the DVD for drivers.

The drivers on the DVD didn’t seem to install. I downloaded the latest drivers from the website and installed them, I think. The installation dialog appeared and installation seemed to be completed but there’s no evidence of the installation in Control Panel. I guess they’re installed.

According to Device Manager the driver version 8.5.3594.0 has been installed for UD-3900.

Hello and thanks for posting!

After your purchase of the UD-3900 from Amazon, you should have a received a ‘Thank you’ email from us along with instructions to download and install the necessary DisplayLink driver as this can be done in advance of receiving the product (the CD-ROM is only present as a backup should Internet access not be available, and may not be the latest version we recommend).

If the dock is connected to the system without having manually installed the driver beforehand, Windows will automatically download a driver from Windows Update and this silent installation will not appear within the list of installed applications. The driver version you mention showing is the latest version we recommend (which follows given you downloaded the latest version from our website), so if everything is working properly there is no further action needed.

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Plugable Technologies

Thanks for the response. For various reasons I didn’t install the UD-3900 when I received it so it’s been over a year since I received that “Thank you” email with the instructions and I didn’t remember the contents. It happens.

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