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This is Uma . We’ve been using the USB adapters with the DisplayLink software (version 4.6) to connect our computer to TV screens. We use the unique id of USB adapters (e.g USB_0198-xxxxxx) to identify which USB is connected to which TV screen. In a typical application we will have 5 TV’s attached to the PC using the USB adapters. Each of these TV’s is displaying a different set of data to operators at a particular location on a process machine. In the event that an adapter(s) location in the Windows PC changes (ie Display Number 2,3,4,5,6) we need to be able to push the correct data to the proper location.

Lately we received the USB adapter unit with version 5.2 of DisplayLink software. After installing the software and connecting the USB adapters to the PC I couldn’t get the unique id of the adapter, I checked by right-click the desktop à propertiesà select the settings tabà the drop down Display, all the USB adapters are displayed as USB_DVI… Without any unique ID.

Is there a way for us to programmatically (via software) to get the unique identity of the individual adaptors??? Currently we are querying the Windows “Win32_DesktopMonitor” for the location of each Display Number and it’s associated unique ID.

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Two quick questions:

Can you say what operating system you’re running.

You have a mix of adapter brands. Is it only the Plugable ones that are returning generic via Win32_DesktopMonitor, is now with the newer DisplayLink driver, are all of them?

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Thank you for the reply
We Care isometric xp only. I think it is the driver not the adapter. Easiest place to see it is when u go to display properties and then settings. The displays pulldown is where in the older driver we can see which display is where as well as the unique ID that was mentioned in the orginal email.

Thanks for letting us know it’s XP. So we understand what product(s) you have, could you email your Amazon order number(s) from your order emails to so we can look up the orders?

We think there will be a combination of Windows APIs which will get you the information you’re looking for, even on the newer drivers.

I need to email the purchasing department for the order number and he is out for the week, So once he gets back in the office i can get the order numbers for you.
I know its the item is Plugable UGA-125 USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter for Multiple Monitors up to 1280×1024 / 1440×900 Each – DisplayLink DL-125 Chip Would that help?

so should i wait for next week for the replay so i can get the order number for you?

Hi Uma,

Thanks for getting the order number to us when you can, but it’s no problem -we’ll also work on researching this without waiting for that (assuming you have the UGA-125 model).

Because this is a much deeper issue than most people care about, we literally need to look at the available APIs in Windows, at what information from the newer versions of DisplayLink drivers seep through those APIs, and find a way to get what you want. Just to set expectations, it’ll take a bit of time to research, so we may actually not have an answer for you until next week anyway, but we’ll try to get an update sooner.

Something also to consider: we actually don’t have any special knowledge in this area (other than having looked around some of the APIs in the past) - so you may also be able to beat us to an answer.

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