Driver installation problems--yikes!

All had been working just fine, and all of a sudden after a normal restart my 2nd monitor (Dell) is not recognized. I’ve plugged and unplugged. I then realized that a newer Plugable driver than what I was using was available, so it was my plan to update it and see if perhaps that would fix the problem. I had difficulties installing the new driver. Anyway, the Core driver is now off my machine.

To fix this mess, can I just uninstall what’s left, restart, and then try to update (or completely reload) again? At this point, I’m afraid to do anything without some advice! Thanks…

Hi there,

As you mentioned, I’d recommend uninstalling and remaining DisplayLink entries as a first step (also, please disconnect power and USB from the dock until the very end).

After doing so, we’ll want to run the DisplayLink cleaner tool to remove any other remnants of the previous drivers:…

Once the cleaner is finished, reboot even if not prompted to.

After the reboot, we’ll reinstall the newest DisplayLink drivers:…

Once again, reboot after the driver installation.

After you’re back into Windows, reconnect power to the dock, followed by USB. The dock should be detected and the final portion of the installation should automatically launch.

At this point, hopefully things will be back up and running as they should. If not, please send an email to so we can dig a bit deeper into some log files to get a better idea of what’s going on.



Thank you, first of all, for your super-quick response! I didn’t have an opportunity to try your suggestions until this evening–but the good news is that it worked!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

No problem whatsoever, happy to help!

Hopefully all will remain well, but if you have any questions or concerns in the future, please reach out to us via email at for the quickest response.