Driver error, Windows 10

Hi - my keyboard suddenly stopped being able to connect to my laptop yesterday, after working fine all day. When I tried to connect through Bluetooth, it first connected, then paired, and then gave me the message “driver error”. Please advise - can I reset or update the drivers? How?

(It’s still connecting just fine to my phone.)

Oh - and yes, I have removed the device entirely from the Bluetooth menu before trying to reconnect. In fact, I have to do that every time I switch between using the keyboard for laptop and phone, which is fine as long as it works.


Welcome to the Plugable forums! I can certainly share some troubleshooting tips regarding the Bluetooth connection for our folding keyboards. I would suggest to re-pair this device to your laptop.

In your laptop’s Bluetooth settings you should be able to remove the Bluetooth device by selecting “Forget This Device” or “Remove This Device”, this messaging is slightly different depending if you are using a Windows or macOS laptop. Once the Bluetooth pairing has been removed, please wait a few minutes before you pair the keyboard once again. This can generally help with odd Bluetooth related issues.

If you find that the folding Bluetooth keyboard is still coming up with this driver error, please contact us directly at and reference ticket “396209” in your email. From there we can continue troubleshooting over email or look into warranty support as well.


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Yes, I’ve used “Remove this Device” multiple times with plenty of wait time in between attempts. I’ve opened a support ticket through direct contact.

Hello, Susie!
I’m Brian, another product owner here at Plugable and I’ll be taking over from Alberto.

I’m glad to hear that simply restarting your laptop resolved the issue! Sometimes a restart will resolve frustrating issues such as this one.

Driver errors for Bluetooth devices on Windows usually mean that there’s an issue with the installed Bluetooth software or drivers and not with the paired device. A restart will usually work, but if it didn’t we’d have to look at the Bluetooth software on your machine.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other questions or concerns!

Well, today it seems to be working fine! I was having some issues with my Bluetooth headphones too - they were connecting for audio but not for voice - and i think there was something going on with the Bluetooth driver. When I did a full power cycle of the laptop, the problems resolved.

I appreciate your promptness and willingness to help!

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