driver download for AG7 failed

Hi dakzb,

Thanks for your post, I’ll try to help. There shouldn’t be any external drivers installed for our USB2-HUB-AG7, they are built in to the operating system for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Often driver problems related to a hub are caused by another device failing to install that is attached to the hub. In other cases, where there’s nothing attached to the hub it is caused by problems with the operating system that are preventing it from installing it’s built in driver.

To begin troubleshooting take these steps:

Unplug all the cables from the hub, then connect just the AC adapter. Is the red light on?

Next connect the USB cable to the computer and then connect a simple USB device like a wired mouse. A blue light should come on when the mouse is installed and configured. Does it work?

Let me know what the results of these step are, and if the hub is still not working send an email to us at including a link to this thread and your Amazon Order Id as well as details about what you found and what operating system you are running.


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