Drive not showing up in "My Computer" screen

Purchased Plugable USB Docking station and WD 40EZRX 2 HD together in the same order 2 days ago.
After connecting to USB port on Windows 7 machine, Device Manager indicates its presence, however, USB Drive’s Icon does not appear in “My Computer” screen.
Tried on 2 other computers with same result. What’s the solution? Until this is resolved, I am unable to use it.
For something that is supposed to be basically “plug and play”, this is very frustrating. Will return both items if not resolved


Maybe the drive does not have a drive letter assigned to it yet.

Try right-click “My Computer” then select “Manage”.

When the new window appears, click/select “Disk management”.

After a bit, it should show all the drives on your system in the right window.

See if you see your drive there, and if it has a drive letter (e.g., C:, D: or something like that).

If the drive is there, but with no drive letter, right click on it, then select “Change drive letter” or something equivalent, then select the drive letter that you want to use.

After that, you should see the drive in “My computer”.


Jim is correct. The drive needs to be initialized, partitioned, formatted, and assigned a drive letter in the Windows Disk Management Console.

If you need further assistance just let me know.

I had problems with a new 1.0TB drive and Plugable with WIN 10 but your advice solved the problem. Thank you!