DP to HDMI Active Adapter to HP Revolve 810 = Black Screen


I recently purchased an LG 29UM57 monitor with 2560x1080 native resolution. I bought the Plugable DP to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter in hopes I would be able to use my new monitor as an external screen. The HP laptop has the Intel HD4400 onboard graphics. This should be enough to output 2560x1080 shouldn’t it?

I have tried updating the Intel drivers and no luck. When I connect the adapter to the laptop both screens immediately turn black. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Jon,

Thanks for posting. Strange to hear this resolution isn’t achievable – just as you’d mentioned, I’d think the HD4400 should be capable unless there’s something unique about the implimentation.

When you have a moment, could you collect and send in a set of system logs (gathered with the adapter/LG attached) so we can dig in and see what the next best steps will be?

Log-gathering tool:


Please email the logs to support@plugable.com and put “Ticket 175367” in the subject.



Hi Jon,

We’re closing this thread due to lack of activity, but if you’d like to revisit please feel free to email us as instructed above.