Doing Plugables for the First Time

Docking Compatibility With Dell Lap Tops 10/18/20

  1. Vastro 1520 Lap Top (DELL)

  2. Latitude E 6440 (DELL)

CABLES: What particular cable do I need for these computers to be host to this ‘Docking Station’? Do I get this cable from ‘Plugable Technology’?

PRINTER: Using a printer is absolutely important for my work space…is this possible?

PHOTO/CAMERA: This also important to my work with photo cards.


Can I Incorporate this Plugable with the Above Systems, UD 3900, with a DisplayPort and HDMI 4K ? It seems there would be a double Ethernet Connection with the regular docking station UD 3900 & the plugable 4K DisplayPort & HDMI?

Plugable 4K DisplayPort and HDMI Dual Monitor Adapter with Ethernet for USB 3.0 and USB-C, Compatible with Windows

Can your Docking Product harmonize with the above Dell Lap Top Computers? Thankyou, IVAN, (email address removed by moderator)

Hello Ivan,

Based on the specifications we found online for your two Dell systems, we are afraid we would not recommend you purchase either of the two products you mention.

To expand further, the Plugable UD-3900 docking station and the Plugable USBC-6950UE dual display adapter you mention are both based on DisplayLink technology.

DisplayLink technology is in essence a ‘virtual’ graphics adapter that relies on the capabilities of the host system’s CPU and internal physical graphics processing unit (GPU) in order to generate the image shown on the attached displays. Both devices require a certain level of system hardware specifications in order to work properly.

Given the specifications of your Dell Vostro 1520 system from 2009 (it does not have any USB 3.0 ports and has low-powered Intel GPU) I am afraid it will not perform well when used in conjunction with the UD-3900 dock.

Further to this, neither of the systems you mention meet the much higher minimum recommended system hardware specifications for the Plugable USBC-6950UE adapter.

All of this taken together informs our recommendation that you do not purchase the products. Apologies if that sounds overly negative, however we would rather lose a sale than cause frustration when things do not work as expected.

Apologies that we cannot offer a solution in this specific case, and thank you in advance for your understanding!

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

P.S. In your original post you included your full email address. I have moderated your post to remove the email address, in order to protect your privacy.

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