Does USBC-6950U work with imac desktop M1

Does USBC-6950U work with imac desktop M1 or just with mac laptop?

Hello Lynne,

An adapter based on DisplayLink technology (such as the USBC-6950U) will work with your Mac system running the M1 silicon in order to add two external 4K displays (via HDMI or DisplayPort) to your system. This is because the DisplayLink technology within the dock can circumvent the laptop’s internal display limitations. You can also continue to use the system’s built-in internal display while using the docking station, for an overall total of three displays (the system’s internal display, plus the two displays connected to the dock).

Please keep in mind that you will have to install the DisplayLink Graphics Manager Application in order to use the adapter. You can learn more here:

Installation instructions are available here:

I hope this helps!

Michael S.

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