Does USB3-SATA-U3 (ASMedia 1051e) really support UASP?

I was updating the firmware on my USB3-SATA-U3 dock. I used the MPTool provided to check the device information (Clicked Check Config -> Device Info) and this is what I see for UASP

Support UASP: Yes
Enable UASP: No
Type: 1-3 or higher

Does this mean UASP is not enabled on the dock ?

Hi Ashish-

Thanks for asking!

I’d also noticed this in the ASM Update Utility (MPTool). I *think* the “enable UASP: No” is referring to whether your system has UASP support enabled.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, even before updating the firmware available at our blog post below, UASP support is available:…

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you’ve any other questions.

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Jeff Everett
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Thanks for the response. I ran USBView from the Microsoft DDK and could see that the dock reports UASP support.

----->Interface Descriptor:
bInterfaceNumber: 0x00
bAlternateSetting: 0x01
bNumEndpoints: 0x04
bInterfaceClass: 0x08
bInterfaceSubClass: 0x06
bInterfaceProtocol: 0x62
iInterface: 0x00

I’m running Windows 7 Pro with a Renesas uPD720200A controller. Renesas claims that the USB3 driver supports UASP. Is there any way for me to determine whether the dock is running in UASP mode or BOT only?

Hi Ashish-

The best way to verify whether a device is connected in UASP mode that I know of (so far, still looking for a command line check) is to look at the disk in device manager. If it reports “SCSI” in the device name in device manger, you’re operating in UASP mode.

That said, from what we can tell the older Renesas chip does NOT support USAP, only the newer one does. I say this because a Windows 8 system with UASP support reports UASP connections only for the newer chip. We call out the newer/older chip revisions here:

Further, UASP isn’t supported by Microsoft on Windows 7. The only good/easy way to get UASP going on Win 7 is on USB 3 capable main boards from ASUS, using their USB 3.0 Boost drivers (only possible on their motherboards). An article from Tom’s hardware guide provides the best details I’ve seen to date on the topic of enabling UASP support:…

Long story short this is a very difficult scenario on Windows 7- only Windows 8 offers “good” UASP support with your having to cobble together the solution using 3rd party drivers at 4 levels of the system.

If anyone knows a way to check for UASP support with a command line PLEASE let us know! I appreciate your mention of the method to check using DDK, and if anyone knows of a simple command line check that doesn’t require installation of other tools this would be most helpful.

Sorry I can’t offer a simple answer, but I hope the details are helpful!

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Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
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