Does the UD-ULTC4K - Support of Lenovo Yoga720-15ikb


Will PLUGABLE USB-C TRIPLE 4K DISPLAY DOCKING STATION work with the Lenovo Yoga720-15ikb? I have the Yoga720-13IKB and it works great but we purchased the 15 inch for two other Colleagues and need docks for them. Specifically, will it charge the 15" inch (Lenovo pwr supply is 50 W output) and drive the HDMI connections for the additional monitor?

Thank you
Jim !](](

Hi Jim,

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately as shown on our chart we do not expect that our UD-ULTC4K can charge the 15" Yoga 720 model. At this time we do not have any docks we can recommend that will accomplish this for these 15" systems.

For the 15" systems we would recommend to use the Lenovo charger and connect a more traditional USB 3.0 dock like our UD-3900.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies