Does the Plugable USB wifi adapter have a driver for Raspbian OS on the raspberry pi?


I typically run the Raspbian OS on the Raspberry Pi. Apparently, Raspbian doesn’t have built in support for the Plugable USB wifi adapter. Is there a driver available for it?



Hi Brenda,

Thank you for posting your question.

The Plugable adapter’s driver is already included in the kernel in the current version of Raspian. All you should have to do is plug in the adapter, and use the Wifi GUI configuration utility to find your network and set it up. If you are not experiencing that, maybe we need to do some troubleshooting to find out why.

Can you let me know what is happening when you try to use it? I would like to help you get it going.

Plugable Support


I used the wifi gui but it never showed the adapter.


Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I should have included more information in my earlier post.

I’ve used EdiMax in my other Raspberry Pi’s. Typically, I’ve configured the adapters via the command line. This time I havent been able to get the Raspbian to recognize the Plugable adapter from either the command line or gui.

FYI, I’m using, for my first time, a Raspberry Pi 2 and the Raspbian February 2015, 2015-02-16, release.



Hi Brenda,

Thank you for the additional information!

We have been successful getting it going the Pi 2 and current version of Raspbian.

When you plug the adapter in, you should see the red light inside it blink.

When you open the WiFi Configuration GUI, you should see or be able to select wlan0 from the Adapter field.

If you don’t see that or if the red light doesn’t blink, please type this at the command line:


It should report information for wlan0 at the bottom of the list. Please let me know if you see that.