Does the Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter work well connecting the iPhone 4 to a windows laptop? thanks

I wanna buy, but I own an iPhone 4 and a Windos 7 HP G2. Just concerned it might not link the 2. Thanks

Hi Brice,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! The Plugable Bluetooth adapter is compatible with Win 7 and iPhone with the included Broadcom driver stack.

If you’ve had any other Bluetooth adapter drivers installed on your machine previously(including built-in Bluetooth), you’ll need to completely remove them prior to install Broadcom’s driver. We outline the details in the FAQ section of the product page here:…

Hope this helps. Is there anything in particular that you’re concerned about with your setup and environment?


Thanks for the quick response Ellen…
I also wanted to know if the device will sync my LG HBS 730, my wireless mouse and any other device AT THE SAME TIME?
Finally, can you provide me with a link explaining the text (reading sms from laptop) and video (using phone as a webcam) features or can you explain here?
Thanks again

You can have your LG HBS 730 and wireless mouse connected at the same time, but not in combination with any possible Bluetooth device out there.

The Bluetooth specification allows up to seven devices to connect at the same time, but it’s not straightforward, as it is dependent on the type of device and the service profile it provides. For example, you can have a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and and an A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) device to stream music connected simultaneously, but you can’t have two devices that utilizes the same service profile connected at the same time.

As far as SMS and webcam, In our testing we’ve not been able to use SMS successfully with iPhone5 via Bluetooth. So I wouldn’t recommend the Plugable adapter if this is a priority for you. To enable video streaming via Bluetooth, my understanding is that the device needs to have support for Video Distribution Profile (VDP), iPhones don’t appear to have support for this:

Hope this helps!


Thanks! I’ll place my order…
ur the best Ellen!

Jut got it! It connects with my LG Tone + 730 and my iPhone.
It allows me to use the laptop speakers during phone calls.
Seems like I should be able to sent text messages from the laptop too, but it couldn’t sync my contacts. Still working on it, just wanted to let y’all know its a great device!