Does not work with heos link hs1 music streamer

This plugable bluetooth dongle does not work with Heos Link hs1 music streamer device.

the blue light is on but the Heos link doesn’t seem to recognize it… definately not plug&play…

i wanted the heos link hs1 to detect and scan other bluetooth speakers… but it failed detecting anything… even smartphone ipad and iphone don’t see the heos link in the list…

the heos link hs1 has the latest firmware…

i know that plugable has sent the information to denon back in 2016 but as of today 2018 almost 2019 nothing has been done and calling denon tech support will not solve the issue… any suggestion?


Thank you for contacting us.

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’re encountering streaming music with your Denon device while using the Plugable Bluetooth adapter. I would like to help.

The adapter only officially supports being plugged in to a Windows or Linux PC.

That being said, customers have reported success with Denon HEOS speakers when following the procedure outlined at

After plugging in the adapter and the blue light turns on, you have to press and hold the connect button on the speaker until a green light flashes. This signals that the Bluetooth mode of the speaker has been turned on.

We have not had any specific reports about the Denon HEOS Link HS1. Denon has a page about Bluetooth pairing on the HS1 at

If you continue to experience problems with pairing, you may want to contact Denon for additional troubleshooting.

I hope this helps,

Plugable Support

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