Does not recognize 1680x1050 (Dell 2005FPW)

I have an HP laptop that is already connected to one Dell 2005FPW. “Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel” that comes with the laptop recognizes the Dell 2005FPW and give it its proper resolution of 1680x1050.

Display > Screen Resolution knows that my other display is a Dell 2005FPW but it does not want to give it its proper resolution of 1680x1050. I clicked around and could not find where this is set. Is this a limitation of the product?

I also could not see where things like brightness could be adjusted. For the other two monitors, things like this can be adjusted with “Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel”, but this third monitor is not listed in that control panel.

Hi Kam,

Thanks for your questions!

Yes, DisplayLink-based products like ours don’t have the ability to make monitor adjustments like brightness, etc. in software. The reliance is on using the monitors’ own buttons and menu to make those kind of adjustments.

Yes, the $49.95 UGA-125 has a DL-125 chip inside it, which only supports modes up to 1440x900. So you’ll not be able to get the whole way up to 1680x1050. The monitor will still work, but Windows will pick the highest mode common to both the adapter and the monitor.

What you may have been looking for is our $69.95 UGA-2K-A. It has a DL-195 chip inside it, which supports modes up to 2048x1152 - with that adapter, you absolutely would get the max 1680x1050 mode your monitor supports.

Unfortunately, this is a fundamental characteristic of the products - so we put the max modes information up there are prominently as we can (in the name of the product on Amazon, etc).

Now, one upside of the UGA-125 is these lower-resolution modes don’t push the main bottleneck (the USB bus) as much, so you’ll get more consistent performance over USB, and less load on the rest of the system.

We know that might not have been the answer you were hoping for - we’re sorry. Please let us know if we can do anything for you!