does not provide power or internet to laptop

I have installed my docking station to my dell laptop and the monitor, printer, and other USB items work fine. However, the dock does not act as a power supply to my laptop nor does it work with the Ethernet.

the lights are all flashing like the ethernet should work, but it says there is no ip address found. when I unplug ethernet from dock and plug into laptop directly it works fine.

Please help?

PS im using Windows 8…have installed the most recent drivers, and have checked ALL plugs for proper connection 5 times.

grrrr now add to this that the computer will not boot up while connected to the dock.

Hi Jen,

Thanks for posting here, we’d be glad to help! Our USB docking stations are not actually designed to be used as a power source for laptops, sorry about the confusion! But let’s see if we can get the ethernet connection working:

  1. With the ethernet connected to the dock, type in cmd.exe in the search >settings field in the right navigation bar. Select cmd.exe and open.
  2. In the command window, type in “ipconfig /release”, hit enter
  3. type in “ipconfig /renew” hit enter

Let me know what you see after this!


Sorry I didn’t see your latest comment prior to my response. Most commonly, the boot issue is due to a bootable device (flash storage or external hard drive) connected to one of the ports on the dock. If that’s the case, try disconnecting any storage devices prior to boot. Does that make a difference?