Does motherboard ASMedia 1142 USB-C support UASP?

I recently built a new Windows 10 system with an MSI C236A motherboard using the Intel C236 chipset. It includes a USB-C port provided by an ASMedia 1142 chip, and I installed the ASMedia USB 3.0/3.1 driver, version1.16.36.1, from MSI’s downloads page. This seems to be a fairly recent driver.

I use a couple of Plugable USB 3.1 Gen 2 SATA vertical drive docks with 3.5" HDD. When I connect them to the motherboard’s native USB 3.0 ports, provided by the Intel chipset, the system uses UASP. But when I connect one to the USB-C port, the system doesn’t use UASP.

I’m wondering if this is a driver issue where the ASMedia driver simply doesn’t support UASP? I’m guessing the hardware should support it. Does Windows 10 provide a compatible driver for the ASMedia 1142 chip? Would I lose anything by uninstalling the ASMedia driver and using the Windows driver (if available)?

Hi Felix,

Thanks for reaching out! Plugable products don’t use the ASM1142 chip so I had to investigate a bit. A Google search of “ASM1142+UASP” (no quotes) returned several hits that imply that UASP is either disabled or crippled on that chip’s default ASM drivers.

First I would reach out to MSI and see if they can confirm or provide a fix.

Next, I would uninstall the USB 3.1 drivers and reboot your computer see if Windows 10 automatically installs their own generic USB 3.1 driver, which might unlock the UASP functionality. If not, you can at least reinstall the OEM driver to use the port without UASP.

Feel free to contact us via if you have any other questions!

Thank you,
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