does is sleep/shut off ?


i just got this Dock and installed at my home pc. So far so good…external monitor worked well, etc.

However, I have questions regarding the external USB devices. In my case, I have Ext HDs and “fancy” audio interface (music production).

Now, when I power-down my laptop at night, I would like those External devices to go off as well, but they seem to stay on, wasting component life-hours, electricity and generating unnecessary heat.

Will the Dock ever sleep? Is there a way to shut down the unit w/out pulling the power cord? Any way to tie the Energy Savings mode of Windows to this device?



Hi kayakster,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, we’ll be happy to help. Is the Dock you are referring to the Plugable UD-160-A? If so, it should sleep when you power down your laptop.

The external devices that are connected to it can be configured independently to sleep when not in use. You can access the advanced power options by right clicking on the battery icon in the lower right corner, then click “change plan settings” and then “change advanced power settings”. Here you’ll be able to change all the power settings, you’ll want to look at the USB section. The devices in question will have to support sleep mode also, check the documentation for each to find out how to change the settings.

I hope this helps. Let me know there’s more we can do.



tks Jerome.

yes, it’s a ud-160-a. My USB devices stayed on after Laptop was shutoff so I pulled the plug so…is it a matter of waiting a bit longer? or are you saying that it will powerdown usb ports immediately.

I will look into the USB options at the OS level as you mentioned as well.


Hi kayakster,

You can use the advanced power options to choose what the computer will do with devices when it is running, but once it’s powered down, it’s up to them if they sleep or not. Your external devices will need to have a sleep function built in to shut down when the computer goes to sleep.

The UD-160-A like other powered USB hubs still has power on the USB ports even when the upstream computer is off. It’s up to the devices themselves to sleep or not when the system is off.

Sorry we don’t have a way to do it through the docking station.